Commercial, Industrial Domestic alarms & security system installations


Ultrasafe Security Systems are committed to developing a strong customer relationship as our client lifecycle diagram beneath depicts.

Assist Client to Scope:
• Security Threats
• Management & Personnel needs
• Budget & Timelines
Lifecycle 1
• Best fit solutions
• Quotation & options
• Schedule
• Leasing options
Lifecycle 4
Ultrasafe Lifecycle Logo
Lifecycle 2
Care & Manage:
• Customer Care
• 24 x 7 call out
• Monitoring
• Service Management
Lifecycle 3
Partner Client:
• Project Management
• Installation
• Testing
• Training

Assist Client to Scope:

Security Threats: Ultrasafe Security Systems first look at what security threats may face our customers. We look at the level of risk that threat may rise to. Only then do we scope the technical security requirements to help manage or reduce that threat.

Management & Personnel Needs: Each customer will have different requirements that will require a solution to suit them. Ultrasafe Security Systems seek to integrate these needs with our security solutions to ensure best fit.

Budget & Timelines: Each customer´s budget and timeline differs. Ultrasafe Security Systems tailor our solutions to provide a best match.



Best fit solutions: From our experience we know that one size fits all does not provide the best solution. We continually seek better technologies, new methods and best practice solutions to ensure that our customer´s unique requirements are met.

Quotations & options: Our customers receive a detailed quotation, with options as required. We believe in fully informing our customers so that they can make their decision in the comfort that they have all information to hand.

Schedule: Ultrasafe Security Systems can schedule to meet immediate installation requirements, or tailor the schedule so that installations fit with medium to long term building projects.

Leasing options: Security systems, though a key part of managing our customer´s risk, are an overhead cost. Ultrasafe Security Systems can facilitate your management of this cost through leasing options.


Partner Client:

Project Management: Ultrasafe Security Systems scope, schedule, cost and undertake installation so that installations are completed within time and budget.

Installation & Testing: All installations are tested before handover. Testing is not based on the security systems alone. Instead, we build it around our customer´s security needs so that we hand over ‘turn-key’ solutions.

Training: At Ultrasafe Security Systems we believe in enabling our customers to get the maximum benefit from their security systems. We provide training to our customers on the use and operation of their installation before handover.


Customer Care & Managed Services:

Customer Care: Caring for our customers security needs on an ongoing basis is what differentiates Ultrasafe Security Systems from other security service providers. We are committed to being honest and open, and wanting to exceed expectations.

Monitoring: This is where your alarm system is connected to a phone line or/and digital transmitter and upon activation, will alert the monitoring station that an activation has occurred. They in turn contact named keyholders and the relevant authorities (Gardaí, Fire Brigade etc.). We also provide monitoring for fridge alarms in supermarkets, medical call systems, flood detection devices and CCTV systems.

Service Management: Ultrasafe Security Systems offer a number of service options to our clients, – ranging from contracts which cover service calls during normal business hours only, to comprehensive parts and labour calls on a 24 hour basis.