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CCTV/VMS Systems Digital/I.P. Remote Viewing

Ultrasafe Security Systems specialises in the installation & maintenance of Digital Closed Circuit Television Systems.

CCTV is no longer regarded as an intrusive system. It is well recognised that having a visual record of what has transpired on a premises or street is not only of benefit to management or the civil authorities, but also to employees and the public in general.

Ultrasafe Security Systems design and install the full range of systems from complex controllable ´Pan and Tilt´ external units through to small domestic cameras to view outside your front door. Recording and management of images is provided onto computer hard disk on a dedicated hard disk recorder. Access to, and control of these cameras and systems, can be from anywhere in the world. Should the need arise where discreet or covert cameras are required we provide specialist installation and have a full range of equipment available to suit all requirements.

We offer a wide range of CCTV/VMS Systems Digital/I.P. Remote Viewing products from
Genie, Li-Lin, Aver and Intellex.