Commercial, Industrial Domestic alarms & security system installations

Intruder Alarms Wired / Wireless / Hybrid

Intruder Alarms Wired / Wireless / Hybrid

Everyone, from large business to householder, wants to protect his or her property from thieves. Ultrasafe Security Systems design the system most suited to detecting intrusion to your business or home, linking these systems to 24 hour I.S. 228 approved monitoring station.

Commercial and Industrial installations, because of their huge diversity, can consist of a wide range of detection devices integrated to centralised controls. These can include passive infrared detectors, microwave detectors, ultrasonic detectors, and magnetic contacts for doors, windows and roller shutters. Control and management of such large scale systems is critical, ranging from PC based, to biometric controls to standard keypad. Panic buttons can be incorporated where required. External area protection to suit any need is also available.

Domestic installations normally consist of a combination of vibration sensors on external doors and windows (to detect attempts at forced entry), magnetic contacts (to detect the physical opening of doors or windows) and internal passive infrared detectors (to detect movement). Panic buttons can also be incorporated if required.

We offer a wide range of Intruder Alarm products from H.K.C. and Aritech.